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Condo Swimming Lessons Singapore

Anyone can learn to swim with our enjoyable, safe and effective swimming lessons.

Condo Swimming Classes that are Affordable, Effective and Professional

Looking to start learning to swim soon? You're at the right place. Our team of passionate and certified swimming coaches are dedicated to helping you get started with your swimming lessons in a quick and hassle-free process.

Many Singaporeans rely on to provide them with safe, fun and effective swimming lessons that are going to help you start swimming confidently in no time at all.

Our Coaches Are SwimSafer Certified

Our coaches have been certified by Singapore's National Swimsafer Programme, an initiative started by the National Swimming Council. The system has a total of 6 stages which involves approximately 12 hours of lessons per stage.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Bronze Award

Silver Award

Gold Award

When your child completes the different stages, he/she will be awarded with a certificate that showcases their swimming proficiency and skill! And for stages 4-6, your child will also be receiving beautiful, Bronze, Silver and gold badges respectively as an award for completing higher levels of the swimsafer programme!

Our Condo Swimming Lesson Rates

No. of Students Total Rates for 4 Lessons by a Certified Instructor
Male Coach Female Coach Toddler Lessons
1 student $280 $340 $320
2 students $300 $360 $340
3 students $320 $380 $360
4 students $340 $400 $380
5 students $360 $420 $400

Why We're Your Best Choice

Affordable Swimming Lessons by Certified, Fun and Professional Coaches

We're proud to say that our swimming coaches are all experienced and certified to teach at all the different levels. With their professional skills and everlasting passion for the sport, you can count on us for a great learning experience!

Our Top Concern is the Safety of You and Your Loved Ones At All Times

Safety is our number one priority because our team believes that both you and your children should be learning safely above everything else. And just in case, our coaches are also trained in lifesaving skills; to ensure the safest experience possible.