How To Overcome Your Fear of Swimming

Some people have a natural fear of the water. This is nothing to be ashamed about, as many adults and children across the globe are afraid of getting their feet wet. When you have a fear of water, you know better than anyone that the larger the body of water is, the scarier it can be. And the thought of submerging yourself may be too much to bear.

But you should rest assured knowing that you're not alone. There are several things that you can do to overcome your fear of swimming, giving you the better peace of mind that you will be safe if you enter the water. It's understandable that it can be difficult getting over such a great fear, but here are some steps that can help you begin your journey towards alleviating that fear.

Step 1: Get Your Feet Wet

While the phrase "get your feet wet" has become a metaphor used for trying out something new little by little, we can use the term literally here. The first step towards getting over your fear of the water is to just stand in the water. You can sit on the entrance to the pool and just dip your feet in, letting the waters of the pool surround it.

If you are starting to feel more comfortable with your feet being in the water you can gradually go deeper. Put your entire leg in, or perhaps try standing up to your waist. Remember that you don't need to rush or force yourself - go at your own pace!

Step 2: Splash Water on Your Face

The prospect of having water on your face might be scary, but you can attempt this in a safe and controlled location with your trusted family by your side. Once you are a little bit in the water, perhaps waist-deep, you should take some water into your hand and splash it on your face. You can use the same motion as if you are washing your face in the pool. Try to think of something positive while you do this.

Step 3: Hold Your Breath

Remember, you don't need to move on to the next step until you're ready. But once you are more comfortable standing in the pool, you can start to experiment with what it's like to submerge yourself. You don't actually need to submerge yourself at this point, but you should try to put your face under the water. Once it's under there, you can try blowing bubbles and breathing out. This can be a fun exercise that lets you experiment with the way it feels to be underwater.

Step 4: Hold and Kick

If you are ready to see what it feels like to actually swim in the water, you can try this simple exercise: Hold on to the edge of the pool while you are in the water, and stretch your body out. You should be somewhat on your stomach, with the water beneath you. Then, kick your legs up and down, back and forth. This practice is a great way to get used to moving yourself in the water, and it's completely safe. Plus, it's great exercise!

Step 5: Submerge

Remember, it is never a problem if you need to take your time. Don't feel rushed to make all kinds of progress in defeating your fear. Fears can be powerful and overwhelming emotions, and it's okay to give yourself time to go through the motions of your own process at your own pace.

If you have successfully completed all of the other steps and you truly feel ready to move on, you can try submerging yourself. A great way to start this out is to hold your face underwater for several seconds and then come back up for air. Eventually, you can sink your body into the water as you experiment more.

It is very possible to overcome your fear of swimming. You don't need to worry about how old you are, what gender you are, or if there are any other people around - you can absolutely accomplish this. There are certified instructors and friends available to help you through this process as well.