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Lessons.sg provides students and parents access to thousands of Singapore's best A-Level tutors. Our network of expert tutors include part-time, full-time, as well as MOE-certified teachers. A lot of tutors we are connected with are graduates of distinguished schools such as Anglo-Chinese School, Raffles Institution, and Nanyang High School. We match you with suitable home tutors who make it their mission to help you achieve your academic targets and beyond, all while providing a comfortable tutoring experience. At the same time, we want parents to be able to keep to their budget so we made sure that there are plenty of great tutors to choose from.

The A-Level examinations cause both students and parents a lot of stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights because it puts a big chunk of the future at stake. Not only is it a prerequisite for university education but it's also one of the basic qualifications for employment in Singapore.

The importance of A-Level tuition in Singapore

While home tuition may seem like it's for younger kids, JC students actually have a much bigger need for it and they benefit more from it as well.

The MOE, SEAB, and University of Cambridge join forces every year to make the A-Level examinations as challenging as possible, which is why JC students need all the help they can get! With the help of a home tutor, they'll be able to revisit previous lessons, clarify hard-to-understand abstract concepts, and ultimately master the extensive coverage of the A-Levels. School teachers don't have this kind of time to spend with their students but fortunately, home tutors are there to fill in the gaps.

Also, JC students take their A-Levels at the end of their second year, meaning they don't have much time to prepare for it. On top of reviewing for A-Levels, they also have to fulfil day-to-day school requirements, explaining why it's easy for JC students to fall behind. And once they do, it's extremely hard for them to catch up. But with the guidance of a home tutor, they'll be able to cope with the stressful workload, manage their time a lot better, and stay on track up until the day of exams!

More and more JC students are enlisting the help of home tutors as a way to secure the future. If you want to be able to get into the university of your dreams and study under your desired course, it's best to consider home tuition as well.

Difference between A-Level home tutoring and tuition centres

Tuition centres may be the cheaper option but the benefits that students get from home tuition make the difference in price worth it.

For one, JC students get to enjoy the advantage of customised lessons when they're studying with a home tutor. Whether it's Chemistry, History, or Maths they need help in, the lessons will be taught to them in a way that best suits their learning style. Home tutors will even go as far as reviewing secondary school topics if there's a need for it--something that neither school teachers nor tuition centres would be willing to do.

Another one of the biggest advantages of home tuition is the undivided attention students get from their home tutor. Their areas of weakness won't go unnoticed and the problems they're having in their studies will always be addressed. The close relationship that home tutors form with their students can also serve as a support system of sorts--something that JC students definitely need during this challenging season of their schooling life.

Other benefits of home tuition include fewer distractions, flexible studying hours, being able to study from the comfort of home, and better involvement of parents.

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A-Levels is the last push in a student's schooling life and we want to help you get through it! With the aid of Lessons.sg's qualified and dedicated home tutors, you'll be on your way to fulfilling your lifelong dreams. Simply let us know the subjects you need help in, the budget you would like to stick to, as well as any other concerns you may have and we'll match you right up with the best home tutor!

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