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Chinese, one of the compulsory Mother Tongue subjects in Singapore, has been a long-term source of stress at school. Chinese students are required to take it from the very beginning of their schooling and it continues to be a major component of their grades up until they graduate from Junior College or Polytechnic. Every year, students are expected to master more and more Chinese characters and are eventually tested on their knowledge through the PSLE as well as the GCE O-Level and GCE A-Level examinations.

Mandarin Chinese is one of the most challenging languages to grasp but what makes it even more difficult to learn is the fact that most Chinese students don't speak the language outside of their Mother Tongue classes! Chinese students will communicate in English when they're around their classmates and might then transition to Singlish or another Chinese dialect when conversing with family members. The lack of a pure Mandarin Chinese environment where students can practice reading, writing, and speaking the language contributes to the poor grades in the subject.

The importance of Chinese tuition Singapore

While students and parents might think that Chinese as a subject is unnecessary and only makes schooling life harder than it already is, learning the language is a way of preserving the history and culture of the Chinese ethnic community in Singapore. On a more practical level, the mastery of Chinese gives students the edge they need to stand out. Fluent Chinese speakers have the upper hand when applying to both local and international companies because they have a profitable skill. About twenty percent of the world's population speaks Chinese so this puts a lot of a value on an employee who is able to tap into such a massive market. The opportunities that come with the Chinese language makes learning it so much more worth it!

To ace the Chinese subject in school, it's crucial to get the help of a Chinese home tutor, especially now that students are getting less and less exposure to the language. A Chinese home tutor will be able to pinpoint a student's strengths and weaknesses in terms of reading, writing, and comprehension, and will then be able to implement the most effective teaching methods. Their support and guidance will also help build up students' confidence in communicating in Chinese, accomplishing subject requirements, and taking on important examinations.

Comparing Chinese home tuition and tuition centres

While tuition centres are able to aid students in Chinese as well, we believe that home tuition equips students better through a more holistic approach. Home tutors are able to give their students a hundred percent of their time, energy, and focus, leaving no gaps unnoticed or issues unresolved. They put the needs of their students first, personalising their lesson plans accordingly and teaching at the most appropriate pace. Home tutors also double up as mentors who can serve as a source of wisdom and motivation when students feel discouraged!

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