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Through Lessons.sg, students gain access to a wide network of experienced home tutors who are able to provide them with the support they need to shine in their studies. We have thousands of part-time, full-time, as well as MOE-registered home tutors, majority of whom are graduates of prestigious schools such as Raffles Institution, Dunman High School, and the National University of Singapore. We take the time to thoroughly verify our home tutors’ credentials to make sure each student is given the best possible home tuition experience and is able to achieve their academic goals. If you’re here to look specifically for an E Math home tutor, we can help find the best one for you!

The MOE recognizes Math as the foundation of all higher science and technical learning, explaining why it’s a constant subject all throughout primary school and lower secondary school. While students have the option of saying goodbye to Math come secondary 3, many still choose to take up Elementary Math for their O-Levels knowing that it has many practical benefits and can open up various opportunities for them in the future. But just because E Math is a popular pick among students doesn’t mean it’s easy! Its curriculum gets more difficult each year but school teachers don’t necessarily offer their students the support they need to cope with the challenges. For this reason, many turn to home tuition for help!

How E Math tuition improves your child's elementary math results

Wondering how home tuition improves grades in E Math? When students are under the expert guidance of a home tutor, the topics that once left them lost and confused will be made so much clearer. Their home tutor will deconstruct them and reteach them in ways that are simple, interesting, and relatable! They will also be right there to answer tough questions that school teachers might be too busy to accommodate. They’ll even revisit older lessons with their students if they think there’s a need to reinforce the basics. Once a student gains a deeper understanding and appreciation for E Math, the more confidence and enthusiasm they’ll have in tackling subject requirements!

Aside from making sure that day-to-day tasks are accomplished successfully, home tutors will also prepare their students for E Math assessments as well as their O-Level examination. While the coverage for their O-Levels can be overwhelming, students don’t have to worry too much because their home tutor knows the proper pacing of revisions and will be able to cover all topics in time. Students will also be taught useful answering methods, application techniques, and time management skills so that they’ll be ‘well-rehearsed’ for their exams and will be competent enough to tackle the most difficult questions!

Let us help you find qualified E Math tutors in Singapore

Aiming for better grades in E Math? Get the help you need to succeed here at Lessons.sg! Once you’re ready to start your home tuition journey, let’s talk about your needs, goals, and other preferences so we can shortlist the most suitable candidates for you. The final decision is then all yours to make! Your chosen home tutor will give you their undivided attention, customize their lesson plans to meet you at your level, and will even double up as a mentor when things get tough. With your needs as their priority, they’ll provide you with the support and resources that school teachers and tuition centres aren’t always able to.

Here at Lessons.sg, the selection process is completely worry and stress-free because we don’t charge for our matching service and we will always accommodate your request to change home tutors if you think it’s not the perfect fit. We also have a wide range of tuition rates available (you can refer to the table above) to make sure everyone gets to stick to their budget goals. Know that at Lessons.sg, we’re committed to helping you find the best E Math home tutor!

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