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Want to be more competent in English? Through Lessons.sg, you can get connected to thousands of qualified, experienced, and dedicated English tutors all over Singapore! We have part-time, full-time, as well as MOE-registered home tutors who are able to help you fulfil subject requirements, ace assessments, and prepare for PSLE, O-Levels, and A-Levels. We have varying home tuition rates as well (you can refer to the table above) so that you can stick to your budget goals as you get the assistance you need in English!

It is crucial that students develop an excellent command of English early on because it's the medium of instruction for all classes in Singapore. Without reading, writing, listening, and comprehension skills, they would have a difficult time not only in the English subject but in other areas as well such as Mathematics, Science, History, and Literature. Students with poor English abilities would especially struggle in Junior College where they'll be expected to communicate their ideas clearly and construct compelling arguments for General Paper. Low proficiency in English would continue to affect students even beyond their schooling years as communication is very important in the workplace.

Despite their ample exposure to English, many students still can't get a proper grasp of it, and culture has a lot to do with why. When they're with friends or family, students will most likely feel more comfortable talking in Singlish; and when they're on social media, they will use popular slang terms and abbreviations to express themselves creatively. While there's nothing wrong with informal language and shouldn't be weeded out, it can definitely get in the way of students' progress in standard English. Fortunately, there is a good way to go about this problem--by hiring the help of an excellent English tutor!

The importance of English tuition Singapore

So how exactly can a home tutor improve your mastery of the English language? By creating a safe environment where you can practice reading, writing, and speaking in straight English without any pressure or judgement! They'll train you to use correct grammar, give you exercises to widen your vocabulary, guide you through your essays, improve your comprehension of difficult questions, and develop your critical thinking skills. With the help of an English home tutor, you'll have more confidence in expressing yourself in English and more motivation to tackle the challenging requirements of the subject.

Having a home tutor by your side is especially helpful if you're preparing for the PSLE, English O-Level examination, or A-Level General Paper! They know exactly how to maximise the little time you have to prepare for these important requirements, setting the appropriate pace for revisions so that all bases are covered before the big day. They'll equip you with useful answering techniques as well as time management skills so that you're not panicking when faced with the overwhelming amount of questions that need to be answered within the time limit. Your home tutor will ‘rehearse' you well for your exam so that you can go into it relaxed, confident, and competent!

English home tutors vs English tuition centres

While students struggling in English can also turn to tuition centres for help, home tuition's holistic approach is able to provide more effective solutions. Home tuition students benefit from personalised lessons that directly target their weak areas, whether it be spelling, grammar, or comprehension. They are also taught through methods that best suit their learning pace and abilities. While tuition centres focus more on repetition and memorisation, English tuition Singapore is there to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation for English!

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Once you're ready to start your English home tuition journey, talk to us about your preferences and we'll match you right up with home tutors who meet your requirements. You then get to make the final pick from the shortlist of candidates! It's a worry-free process because our matching service is completely free and you can always request to change home tutors if you find that it's not the fit you were hoping for. Know that at Lessons.sg, we're committed to helping you find the right English tutor Singapore for your needs!

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