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Here at Lessons.sg, students are given the quality support they need to reach their full potential. Our wide network is made up of thousands of experienced part-time, full-time, as well as MOE-registered home tutors, most of whom are graduates of prestigious schools such as Raffles Institution, Dunman High School, and the National University of Singapore. We take the time to thoroughly verify our home tutors’ credentials so that each student is guaranteed the best home tuition experience possible and is able to achieve their academic goals. If you’re here to look specifically for History Tuition, we can help find the best tutor for you!

History is a required subject in lower secondary, teaching students about the significant events that took place in Asia. It then becomes an optional O-Level subject in upper secondary which, if chosen, will teach students about world history. Regardless of its level, History is a challenging subject that not all are able to keep up with. It requires a lot of memorization of dates, names, and sequences of events which gets tedious for the already exhausted minds of students. It gets even more complicated in junior college where students are expected not only to commit tons of information to memory but also interpret data and answer tough questions using analytical skills. For these reasons, many turn to home tuition to prevent their grades from slipping!

Does History tuition work in Singapore?

Wondering how home tuition translates to excellent performance in History? Through the expert support of History Tuition, students gain a much deeper understanding of the subject matter as well as an appreciation for its present day relevance. Histroy tutors will review their students in historical facts, simplify complex concepts, provide them with useful insights, and teach them how to think critically in order to come up with logical conclusions of their own. They will also be right there to give answers to tough questions and even revisit the basics if their student’s memory needs to be jogged. With a better grasp of their lessons, students will have more confidence and enthusiasm in tackling subject requirements such assignments, papers, and projects!

Home tutors also have the important role of preparing their students for History assessments as well as GCE examinations. Students need not feel overwhelmed by the extensive coverage of these tests because their home tutor will set the proper pace for revisions and will make sure all topics are mastered in time. They will also be equipped with useful answering methods, application techniques, writing skills, and time management tips so that they know exactly what they’re doing on the big day. Once the exams come rolling around, they’ll feel ‘well-rehearsed’ for them and will be competent enough to face difficult questions head on!

Find an excellent History tutor

If you want your grades in History to get a major boost, get the help you need to succeed here at Lessons.sg! Once you’re ready to start your home tuition journey, let’s chat about your needs, goals, and other preferences and we’ll personally pick out suitable candidates for you. The final decision is then all yours to make! Your selected home tutor will give you their full focus, customize their lesson plans to meet you at your level, and will even double up as a mentor if things get too tough. With your needs as their priority, they’ll provide you with the support and resources that school teachers and tuition centres aren’t always able to.

Here at Lessons.sg, there’s no need to stress out about the selection process because our matching service is completely free and we will always accommodate your request to change home tutors if you feel it’s not the right fit. We also have a wide variety of home tuition rates available (you can refer to the table above) to make sure no one oversteps their budget. Know that at Lessons.sg, we’re committed to helping you find the best History home tutor!

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