How It Works

We want our clients to get things done in the quickest way possible, so we have simplified our process. Here’s how students and parents can find the most suitable educator and book their first lesson in LessonsSG.

1. Search for your desired lesson.

You can just enter your desired lesson type into the search bar to browse through over hundreds of lessons available on our platform. Once you’ve found what you wanted, submit a request for a teacher.

2. Let our coordinators know your preferences.

When you submit a request for a teacher, our coordinators will drop you a message where you will be able to list your preferences. We will provide a selection of teachers that suit your preferences, and you will be able to decide from there.

3. Book your first Lesson.

Once you have made up your mind on which teacher you would like to sign up with, you can book your first lesson from there. You also have the option to change teachers if you feel that your teacher is unsuitable for you at no additional costs.