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If you need help getting through POA, Lessons.sg is here to connect you to thousands of qualified, experienced, and dedicated POA home tutors across Singapore! Choose from any of our part-time, full-time, and MOE-registered home tutors to have a much easier time fulfilling subject requirements, acing assessments, and preparing for O-Levels / N-Levels. We have a wide range of POA tuition rates (as seen in the table above) to make sure that you're able to stick to your budget goals while getting the guidance and assistance you need.

Principles of Accounts (POA), an elective subject in Secondary 3 for Express and Normal Academic students, is designed to establish a strong foundation in accountancy concepts. Defined as the “language of business”, a background in accounting opens up countless opportunities in various fields of work, explaining why POA is such a popular pick among students. But just because it is high in demand doesn't mean it's an easy subject that gives out As. In reality, POA is demanding, competitive, and stressful, causing many students to become frustrated and discouraged.

So what makes POA such a tough nut to crack? First of all, accounting is a completely foreign concept to Secondary 3 students and it requires an entirely new set of skills from them. It involves an intense amount of memorisation which can get exhausting in the long run, and at the same time, it calls for plenty of logic and analytical thinking as well. Another reason why POA is so difficult to excel in is because of the tight competition between the students. Standards have only gotten higher over the years and right now, you're going to need a score of 95 out of 100 to get an A1!

The importance of POA tuition in Singapore

Before you get too disheartened though, know that it's possible to ace POA if you're prepared for it. And the best way to get equipped for the challenges and requirements of the subject is through home tuition! School teachers aren't always able to give students the support they need to succeed in POA but fortunately, home tutors are here to fill in the gaps. They'll make sure that students are not only able to memorise the accountancy rules and principles but have a full grasp of the concepts and can apply them to different contexts. A good home tutor will make POA as understandable, relatable, and interesting as possible through real-life examples, analogies, visual aids, and other suitable teaching methods.

Having the help of a POA tutor will also give you an advantage in the POA O-Level / N-Level examination! You will be taught comprehension and answering techniques and given plenty of opportunities to practice them so that you know exactly how to go about things during the exam. There also won't be any stressful cramming involved because your home tutor will set the perfect pace for revisions and make sure all topics have been covered before the big day. A good home tutor will be there to ‘rehearse' you for the O-Levels / N-Levels so that you can go into it with much confidence!

Difference between POA home tutors and tuition centres

While POA students can also benefit from going to tuition centres, home tuition's holistic approach offers more effective solutions. With home tuition, students get customised lessons that directly target their weak areas and are taught through methods that best suit their learning abilities. POA tuition also eliminates competition from the equation, allowing students to absorb lessons at their own pace.

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Once you're ready to begin your home tuition journey, simply talk to us about your preferences and we'll match you right up with POA home tutors who meet your requirements. You then get to make the final pick from the shortlist of candidates! Don't worry because our matching service is completely free and you can always request to change home tutors if it's not the fit you were hoping for. Know that at Lessons.sg, we're committed to helping you find the right POA home tutor!

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