Preschool home tuition Singapore

Here at, students are given the proper support they need to excel in their studies. Our extensive network is made up of thousands of qualified part-time, full-time, as well as MOE-registered home tutors, most of whom are graduates of prestigious schools such as Raffles Institution, Dunman High School, and the National University of Singapore. We take the time to authenticate our home tutors’ credentials so that each student is guaranteed the best home tuition experience possible and is able to fulfill their academic goals. If you’re here to look specifically for a preschool home tutor, we can help find the best one for you!

If you think preschoolers are too young to have problems at school, you might want to rethink that assumption. Preschoolers are restless and many of them would much rather be playing outside than to be sitting in the classroom and paying attention. Young minds also don’t understand the importance of education yet and will most likely rely on external factors such as playtime and rewards to motivate them to keep going back to school. But unfortunately, not all preschool teachers are engaging enough or are able to create an exciting learning environment. It doesn’t help either that the student-teacher ratio is often too high in preschools, making individual attention quite impossible. For these reasons, many parents turn to home tuition for help!

Advantages of preschool tuition for your child in Singapore

Wondering how home tuition can benefit such young students? With the expertise of a home tutor, preschoolers will develop a much better understanding of their lessons, whether it be math, english, or mother tongue, and will actually enjoy the learning process. A home tutor will be able to accurately assess whether their student is a visual, aural, verbal, or physical learner and will make their home tuition sessions as fun and interesting as possible based on learning style. Home tutors will also meet their students at their level and won’t pressure them into advancing to the next lesson if they’re not ready to yet. Through home tuition, preschoolers will gain a love for learning and at the same time will be better prepared to face Singapore’s tough education system in the near future!

How we can help you find a preschool tutor

If you want to give your child the brightest future possible, get them the help they need to succeed here at! Once you’re ready to start your child on their home tuition journey, let’s talk about their needs, your goals for them, and other preferences you might have and we’ll handpick the best candidates for you. The final decision is then all yours to make! Your selected home tutor will give your child their undivided attention, customize their lesson plans, go at the most suitable pace, and will even double up as a mentor if they see that your child needs it. With your child’s needs as their priority, they’ll provide the support and resources that school teachers and tuition centres aren’t always able to.

Here at, there’s no need to worry or get stressed out about the selection process because our matching service is completely free and we will always accommodate your request to change home tutors if you or your child feels that it’s not the right fit. We also have a wide variety of home tuition rates available (you can refer to the table above) to make sure all parents are able to stick to their budget goals. Know that at, we’re committed to helping you find the best preschool home tutor!

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