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Whether your child needs to catch up in school or wants to get ahead in their studies, can help you find the best primary school tutor for them! We'll connect you to thousands of qualified home tutors across Singapore, each with their own set of verified credentials. We have part-time, full-time, as well as NIE-certified home tutors, a lot of whom are graduates of prestigious schools such as Raffles Institution, Dunman High School, and the National University of Singapore. We make sure there's variety when it comes to rates as well (you can refer to the table above) so that parents can choose according to their budget goals!

In Singapore, children begin their primary school education at the tender age of 6, taking on foundational subjects such as English, Maths, Mother Tongue, and Science. It is during these formative years that they get their first taste of the rigorous education system, already having to keep up with school requirements, assessments, as well as expectations from teachers, parents, and peers. Aside from academics, primary school students are also required to participate in extracurricular activities.

As young as they may be, primary school students already have their fair share of challenges and many of them are already struggling and falling behind in this early stage of their schooling life. Which is why it's important that they are given the proper support and guidance this early on and that they are taught the correct study habits and equipped with the necessary coping mechanisms. This way, they can smoothly and successfully get through the primary level of education as well as the rest of their schooling years.

The importance of Primary School tuition in Singapore

Home tuition is an effective solution for many students who are finding it difficult to progress through primary school. A home tutor has the ability to assess areas of weakness and develop customised lesson plans, helping students improve and even excel in the subjects they were once doing poorly in. They're also able to instil time management and organisational skills in their students through good example. They're even able to take on the role of a mentor, providing advice, motivation, and encouragement whenever their students face setbacks. Home tutors keep primary school students on track during the most crucial years of their schooling, setting the tone of success for the next levels of education.

Contrary to what many students and parents believe, home tuition isn't just for struggling primary school students. Even those who are excelling in their studies can benefit greatly from the expertise of a home tutor, especially if they have certain academic goals they want to achieve. A home tutor will be able to give them advanced lessons so they can further boost their grades, as well as prepare them for important examinations like the PSLE so they can get into the secondary school of their dreams. Home tuition caters to all kinds of primary school students and is able to meet their various needs.

Comparing Primary School home tutoring and tuition centres

While tuition centres can also aid primary school students in their studies, we believe that home tuition provides more effective solutions through its holistic approach. While tuition centres focus on repetition and memorisation and assume that all students respond to these methods, home tuition acknowledges that different students have different learning abilities. Home tuition adapts accordingly to their students, using tailored methods to make sure they are able to understand and internalise lessons.

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To get started on the selection process, simply talk to us about the subjects your child wants to be taught in, the budget you would like to stick to, as well as any other preferences you may have and we'll get back to you shortly with a list of candidates that best meet your requirements. You then get to make the final pick! There's no need to feel pressured though because our matching service is completely free and you can always request for a change if you think it's not the right fit. Know that it's our priority to help you find the best primary school tuition teacher for your child!

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