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Teacher Experience Lower Primary Upper Primary Lower Secondary Upper Secondary A-Level / IP / IB
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Part-Time / Full-Time Tutor (Graduate) $25 - $40 $35 - $45 $35 - $45 $40 - $55 $55 - $70
NIE Trainee $30 - $35 $30 - $40 $35 - $45 $35 - $50 $55 - $80
MOE Teacher $50 - $60 $55 - $70 $50 - $60 $55 - $70 $75 - $120

Here at LessonsSG, we connect parents and students to thousands of qualified home tutors across Singapore. Our vast network includes part-time, full-time, as well as MOE-certified home tutors, a lot of whom are graduates of prestigious schools such as Raffles Institution, Dunman High School, and the National University of Singapore. We take the time to verify our home tutors’ credentials to make sure each student gets the best possible secondary school tuition experience and is able to achieve their academic goals. If you’re in need of a secondary school home tutor, we can help find the right one for you!

So why are so many secondary school students turning to home tuition for help? The four years spent in secondary school can be some of the most challenging times in a student’s life. The competition is tighter than ever and a lot of a child’s future is determined during these years. There’s the secondary 2 streaming, where students are allocated subjects to take for their O-Levels based on their performance. Then there’s the actual O-Level examinations that bring about a lot of stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights. Secondary school has a huge bearing on what subjects students can take in junior college or polytechnic and what kind of career they can pursue after their studies. For a lot of students, that’s too big of a burden to bear on their own.

Why Secondary School Tuition is beneficial

Fortunately, home tuition can greatly lessen the pressures of secondary school! A good home tutor will guide students through each subject, breaking down the most complicated concepts and teaching them in ways that are much easier to understand. They’ll go at the proper pace, repeat lessons until they’re fully absorbed, and will even go as far as revisit older topics if there’s a need to solidify the foundations. Through home tuition, students develop a much deeper understanding of their lessons and in turn will have a much easier time acing assessments, fulfilling subject requirements, and coping with the demands of secondary school!

Tuition for Secondary School in Singapore is also effective in preparing students for their O-Level examinations which they’re set to take at the end of their fourth year of secondary school. It’s not easy to study for 8 to 9 different subjects in such a short period of time but home tutors know exactly how to pace the revisions so that all bases are covered before the exams. They’ll also equip students with the necessary answering techniques and time management skills so that they know exactly what to do on the big day. Home tutors will ‘rehearse’ their students for the O-Levels so that they’re calm, fearless, and proficient!

We'll Find You a Secondary School Home Tutor in Singapore

Ready to start excelling in secondary school? Find the best home tutor for you here at LessonsSG! Simply talk to us about your goals and preferences and we’ll match you right away with home tutors who meet your requirements. You then get to make the final pick from the selection of candidates! Your chosen home tutor will give you their undivided attention, create customized lesson plans, use the most suitable teaching methods for your learning abilities, adjust to your pace, and even serve as a mentor when needed. They’ll put your needs first and provide you with resources that school teachers and tuition centres aren’t always able to give.

Picking out a home tutor is a stress-free process because LessonsSG’s matching service is completely free and you can always request to change home tutors if it’s not the fit you were hoping for. We also have varying home tuition rates (you can refer to the table above) to make sure we’re catering to all types of budgets. Know that at LessonsSG, we’re committed to helping you find the right secondary school home tutor for your needs!

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